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International Development

Kalder Energy is an actively pursuing and implementing international development projects in Central Asia funded by the multilateral and bilateral development agencies. With a proven track record of success in this market, our main advantage and value-proposition is high caliber of internal expertise we bring along with unbeatable local network we have established to successfully concierge a project of any size and complexity.

Core areas of expertise

  • Public finance management
  • International labor markets and labor migration
  • Program/Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Higher education policy
  • Energy efficiency

If you specialize in any of the core areas outlined above and are interested in collaborating on projects in Central Asia with our team, please feel free to send us a copy of your CV and any project references you have worked on. We will be sure to connect you with relevant opportunities as soon as we find the right match for your skills and experience!

  • Water Public Environment Expenditure Review:

    In 2016, the United Nations Development Program enlisted our team for 8 months to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of public expenditures for the Republic of Tajikistan’s water management, drinking water, and irrigation systems. This project, valued at US$100,000, included a series of reports, policy notes, and a range of policy recommendations covering all three sectors with final presentation to relevant government authorities.

  • Higher Education and Labor Market Relevance:

    Global Best Practice and Applicability for Tajikistan : In 2017, The World Bank again hired our team for a 6-month assignment to prepare a major report outlining the full spectrum of labor market relevance tools higher education institutions can use to improve the efficiency and efficacy of higher education in the Republic of Tajikistan. This report, in part, informed the structure and program components of The World Bank’s US$20 million Higher Education Project in Tajikistan.

  • Mid-term Evaluation of the Second Public Employment for Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management Project:

    In 2017, The World Bank hired our team for a total of 6 months to produce: (1) the development of and training of its local team to administer a household survey covering over a thousand households in Tajikistan; and (2) a comprehensive mid-term evaluation of the progress of its Second Public Employment for Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management Project in the Republic of Tajikistan. The objectives of this US$57 million project are to: (i) provide employment to food insecure people through the rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage infrastructure, (ii) increase crop production in response to improved irrigation and infrastructure, and (iii) support the development of improved policies and institutions for water resource management, as a means to improve food availability and food access for low-income people in poor rural areas supported by the project. Our report was delivered to relevant government authorities and our data is being used as a base-line to support policy direction for the remainder of the project.