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Business Development & Consulting

Kalder leverages its global network to bring innovative Alberta and North American technologies and expertise to new international markets. We welcome partners with international aspirations who are interested in expanding distribution networks for their innovative products and solutions; knowledge-based expertise that can contribute to major international development projects; as well as franchisers and potential franchisees. We are always up to the challenge and looking for new ways to collaborate!

Our area of expertise

  • Market-entry strategies
  • Business plans and financial modelling
  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
  • Access to capital
  • Identifying local partners and due diligence
  • Bid procurement/tendering
  • Local support & logistics
  • Legal support
  • Translation & interpretation services

Select project references

Mid-level hotel and children’s entertainment centre:

Kalder has been appointed as the key business development advisor to bring a major hotel chain and children’s entertainment franchise to a new market in Central Asia. Our role is to develop a fundable project concept and business plan (including cash flow and income statements), facilitate fund-raising on behalf of the client, and establish marketing and pricing policies based on market & competitor analysis.

Market-entry strategies:

Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation contracted Kalder to support its evaluation of and market-entry strategy for the mobile service and mining markets in Central Asia. Our team collected and presented Sumitomo with a comprehensive market analysis report, outlining the current state of affairs, future prospects and overview of key challenges for both sectors in the region.


Kalder is supporting Croatia-based Dalekovod in its bid for two CASA-1000 supported projects for the construction of overhead high-voltage electricity transmission lines in the Republic of Tajikistan, totaling 215km; with a total project value of approximately US$80 million. Two smaller projects are also being pursued to construct smaller sub-stations in rural areas of Tajikistan, estimated at US$9 million. Dalekvod has enlisted Kalder to manage all major communications with the client, to provide cost estimates for land-surveying and geotechnical work within the scope of these projects, to support its search for a local construction partner, and provide due diligence on the final selection of its local team.