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Business Development and Consulting

Kalder is dedicated to identifying international business opportunities for its partners and clients, and connecting them to new streams of revenues and sales. Our team offers everything from project management to subject matter expertise and language support to help navigate complex negotiations and bolster our combined value propositions.

International Development

With extensive experience in Central Asia, we have an established track record of delivering high quality work for major International Financial Institutions active in the region. Our boots on the ground provide real-time assistance throughout the process to concierge bid proposals, and implement/facilitate these projects from the local perspective.

Energy Expertise

Currently focused on projects in the Former Soviet Union and Southeast Asia, Kalder connects North American energy companies and experts to bridge the gap in energy development needs.



Environmental Solutions & Innovation

Leveraging our network of in-market experts, we help established energy and environmental companies with unique energy efficiency and environmental solutions find new markets for their technologies and innovation.